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About this project

The concept

The twinning program provides a framework and semi-public organizations in the beneficiary countries to work with their counterparts in the member states to facilitate the transportation, enforcement and implementation of EU legislation. Twinning projects set out to deliver specific, guaranteed results. The parties agree in advance on a detailed work plan to meet an objective concerning priority areas on the acquis, as set out in the Accession Partnerships.

The working method

This Twinning project supports the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency in meeting the demands to further improve aviation safety and security in Georgia according to provisions of international agreements, especially the convention on International Civil Aviation, The EU’s acquis communautaire and further international agreements to which Georgia is party.

Short term experts from Austria and Croatia will cooperate with beneficiary institution over the 21 months duration of the project in order to:

The objectives

Expected outcomes

The twinning project is a joint cooperation between:

Georgian Civil Aviation Agency

Georgian Civil Aviation Agency

Austro Control GmbH

Austro Control

Croatian Civil Aviation Agency

Croatian Civil Aviation Agency