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April 19th 2016:
Third Steering Commitee Meeting

On April 19, within the frame of the ongoing European Union Twinning project at Civil Aviation Agency, the third project management steering committee meeting was held. Apart from the project management group, participants of steering committee meeting were European Union delegation members in Georgia and the representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

At the meeting, parties discussed the third quarterly report and the planned and conducted activities determined in it. A detailed presentation about the information identified in the document was made by the Resident Twinning Advisor to Georgia, Gerold Fuchs.

Work and involvement performed by all project partners was positively evaluated within the scope of activities. Herewith, invited guests received an information on the completed ICAO coordinated validation audit results conducted on April 15th at GCAA. On behalf of the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency Levan Karanadze (deputy director and project leader) thanked the European partners for their support during the preparation stage of that audit.



The experts of all project partners conducted an initial impact assessment of the aviation system, industry, environment and influence on customers. According to the plan designed by the project, the work on Georgian civil aviation acting legislation transposition to European regulations as well as the implementation of priority regulations based on conducted analysis, has commenced.